Medieval/ Now

Medieval organa, conductus, hymns and psalms in contrast to contemporary compositions written for the ensemble from Martin Daske, Thomas Gerwin, Ralf Hoyer, Mayako Kubo, Gwyn Pritchard, Friedrich Schenker.

Es sang vor langen Jahren 
Vocal Works of Arvo Pärt, Morton Feldman, and John Cage

The program focuses on the works of the Latvian composer Arvo Pärt, born in 1935, whose work was important to the development of New Music. After a phase in the 60’s in which he experimented with twelve tone and collage technique, Pärt developed an entirely personal compositional style. His pieces, calmly flowing and interspersed with pauses, refer to his study of Gregorian chant and the polyphonic compositions of the Renaissance. The slow pulse of Part’s music creates an intensely concentrated atmosphere. The conscious successions of consonances and dissonances, combined with the repetition of limited tone material have a profound effect on the listener. All of the pieces have a sense of inner-peace; the goal of his style being the reduction of sound material to the absolute necessary.

NO EXIT - Performance with Sharam Entekhabi and VOX NOSTRA
The project NO EXIT is a collaboration between the Iranian performance artist Shahram Entekhabi and Vox Nostra, whereby both parties are active protagonists in the performative intervention. Entekhabi erects a wall-like architecture by running caution tape back and forth between two fixed points inside the church. An ephemeral barrier in space comes into being: a division between the public space, and the performance space is created, in reference to the tradition of the separation of profane and sacred spaces in medieval churches and cathedrals. While singing, the singers of Vox Nostra taking part in every day ritualized activities associated with waiting. The action implies the painful separation of man from God/Religion/Church. Through stylizing the act of waiting, the uninterrupted search for hope and for salvation is schematized.